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Actions get executed when a skill runs. They are defined as extra component keys, with namespaces optionally imported. Some actions support passing variables into them, and some require the used entity to be a certain type (ex. a Zombie or an item).


All setters for mobs are valid actions (ex. set.woolColor), if present directly on a prefab, they will simply choose a default event trigger (usually on spawn or death.)

General actions

Run skills

Runs skills, finding them by prefab name. Create a new prefab and add a skill using the geary:skill component, then reference it by file name.

    - "myproject:some_skill"
    - "justASkillName"

Run MythicMobs skills

Runs MythicMobs skills. These can be tested with the mm test cast command and should copy its behaviour. We're planning to add support for MM's built in mechanic syntax.

    - "skill1"
    - "skill2"