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Location actions

These actions take a location parameter that supports variables.

namespaces: [ geary ]

Spawn entity

  at: <location input>
  entity: <entity reference> #Entity may be referenced by prefab key or defined in-place as a list of components.


  at: <location input>
  particle: minecraft:cloud # Minecraft particle name
  # Double range of offsets, defaults to 0
  offsetX: 0
  offsetY: 0.5-1.0
  offsetZ: 0
  color: red # Particle color if applicable
  count: 2-4
  radius: 32 # Radius of players to send particle to, defaults to 32
  speed: 0.1-0.2 # Speed range of particle, defaults to 0


  at: <location input>
  power: 4.0 # Explosion power
  setFire: false # Should blocks around have fire set to them?
  breakBlocks: false # Should blocks be broken by the explosion?
  fuseTicks: 0 # How long should the fuse be (0 means instant explosion)?


  center: <location input> # Center of knockback
  power: 1.0 # Knockback power
  yAngle: 45 # Knockback angle in degrees (positive means all knockback has an upwards component)
  scaleWithDistance: true # Should power reduce with distance?
  cancelCurrentVelocity: true # Should velocity be appended or overridden?