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Repeating systems

  • A repeating system is a query that runs on a defined interval.

Your first system

Let's start simple and create a theoretical system that switches textures for entities when they are moving.

Given data

data class Texture { ... }

data class Textures(
    val idle: Texture,
    val walking: Texture

data class Render(
    var activeTexture: Texture

data class Velocity(...) {
    fun isNotZero(): Boolean

Extend TickingSystem

object WalkingAnimationSystem : TickingSystem(interval = 1.seconds) {

Add accessors just like a Query

    private val TargetScope.textures by get<Textures>()
    private val TargetScope.render by get<Render>()
    private val TargetScope.velocity by get<Velocity>()

Implement a tick function

Ticking systems provide a TargetScope.tick() function to avoid calling forEach every time.

    override fun TargetScope.tick() {
        render.activeTexture = when(velocity.isNotZero()) {
            true -> textures.walking
            false -> textures.idle

Sometimes we want to evaluate code once instead of running it per entity. In this case, override tick and call forEach as needed:

override fun tick() {
    val data = complexOperation()
    fastForEach { result ->


System pipeline

It is common to want fine control over the order systems execute in. In the future, Geary will do this with a pipeline, where each system can specify what step it relates to.

This is currently not implemented, but is of high interest.