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Learn Kotlin

We use Kotlin to make our plugins. Kotlin is built on the same thing as Java, so we often interact with Java as well. This guide will help you start learning Kotlin or programming in general.

No programming knowledge

Recommended: Kotlin Basics track

JetBrains (the creators of Kotlin) created a free track on their learning platform for Kotlin.

It splits everything into small modules starting from 0 and building up to a project of your choice. Have a look around and start whatever looks interesting. You can even switch midway through!


We use IntelliJ as our IDE. Hyperskill will suggest you use it too.

Existing programming experience

Hyperskill can be pretty slow if you are already experienced. The Kotlin Docs have a page on learning materials.

I recommend reading over the Basic Syntax page, then learning by doing with Kotlin Koans. You may look at other learning materials if those do not suit you.

If you like visual guides, check out