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Coding conventions

Code style guide

We follow the Android Kotlin Style Guide.

IntelliJ has an autoformatter that follows this style guide, use Ctrl+Alt+L to run it. If the formatter makes no changes, your code style is good to go.

If you need to tell IntelliJ to use the new code style, go here

Use conventional commits

We use Conventional Commits to format our commit messages. You can see tags you can use that will show up in changelogs here. You can use multi-line messages to add more than one tag at a time. Here's an example valid commit

feat!: I made breaking changes!
fix: I fixed a bug

Here's a longer explanation

chore: I did some boring stuff


Idofront is a library we share between most of our plugins that adds helper functions, a command DSL, and more. You can find documentation for it in the Idofront tab.


Some of our projects are libraries that other projects need to depend on. For example, MineInAbyss depends on DeeperWorld. We have our own maven repository ( which lets us add these dependencies in Gradle.

Please use com.mineinabyss as the group id for new projects for consistency.