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Read about this Kotlin feature in Kotlin Docs - Destructuring Declarations

Sometimes it is convenient to destructure an object into a number of variables, for example:

val (name, age) = person

In spigot, this pattern is very convenient for events, locations, and more. Idofront provides destructors for many direct subclasses of the Event class, allowing for the following:

fun onLeash(event: PlayerLeashEntityEvent) {
    val (player, entity, leashHolder) = event

And for locations or velocity:

val (x, y, z, world) = player.location
val (vx, vy, vz) = player.velocity

Note: You do not need to specify all the components:

val (x) = player.velocity

Also of note, you need to import these extension functions for this to work, otherwise your IDE will show an error!