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Geary will load entities from supported formats (currently yml) inside plugins/Geary/<namespace>/.../prefabname.yml

It's also possible to load manually using prefabs.loader.loadFromPath() and add new formats in the addon dsl and an implementation of the Format class:

geary {
    serialization {
        format("json") { module -> ... }

Configuring prefabs

Geary comes with geary:set.entity_type and geary:set.item components which allow a prefab to be instantiated. Here are example config files:


We have plugins that provide many extra components to help you configure prefabs, see our Readme on GitHub


- !<geary:set.entity_type>
  key: minecraft:iron_golem


Player-instanced items

Items with one prefab that has a geary:player_instanced_item component will get one instance created per player. This instance won't be removed until all items of that instance are removed from the inventory


- !<geary:player_instanced_item>
- !<geary:set.item>
    type: PAPER
    displayName: Chiseled Bookshelf Empty
    customModelData: 2032

Instantiation in code

val prefabKey: PrefabKey

// Mobs
val location: Location

// Items
val itemStack = itemTracking.provider.serializePrefabToItemStack(prefabKey)