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Serializable Item

We often need to reference an item in Geary, usually through our own SerializableItemStack. The item may inherit from other plugins or be configured in-place (ex referencing another prefab in a recipe, or defining the item itself.)

All properties are optional, setting a property will override the vanilla value, below is an example of all properties:

# You may use a vanilla item or inherit from another item system 
type: stone # (1)!
prefab: <string> # (2)!
crucibleItem: <string>
oraxenItem: <string>
itemsadderItem: <string>

# Override item properties
amount: 2
customModelData: 42
displayName: "<bold><red>Fancy stone" # (3)!
  - "Lore line 1"
  - "<red>Formatted line 2"
unbreakable: false
damage: 0
  - enchant: minecraft:sharpness # (4)!
    level: 3
itemFlags: [ HIDE_ENCHANTS ] # (5)!
  - attribute: GENERIC_ATTACK_DAMAGE # (6)!
      name: customAttribute
      amount: 1.0
      operation: ADD_NUMBER # (7)!
  type: REGEN # (8)!
  extended: true
  upgraded: true
color: '#fffff' # (9)!
knowledgeBookRecipes: [ "minecraft:gold_ingot_from_nuggets" ] # (10)!
  1. Vanilla item type, may be prefixed with minecraft: or written in all caps, ex: minecraft:stone or STONE
  2. Geary prefab to read item off of. Must itself have a geary:set.item component
  3. All text lines support MiniMessage formatting
  4. Minecraft namespaced key for an enchant.
  5. List of ItemFlag values
  6. Attribute to modify
  7. Type of operation (add, multiple, etc), see AttributeModifier.Operation
  8. Potion type, see PotionType
  9. Potion color, in the form #RRGGBB or r, g, b with 0-255 values
  10. List of recipes to unlock in a knowledge book, use Minecraft namespaced keys for recipes.